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Local Area Network (Cabling) Setup

Setting up of a large international call center in Bangalore

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Case Studies

Setting up of a large international call center in Bangalore.

Customer Context: Our customer is a player in the ITeS space who believed that they needed robust systems and processes in the areas of customer acquisition, people, processes and technology to differentiate them. Technology being a high priority, the customer wanted to leverage it to the maximum to ensure high levels of employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Requirement: The customer wanted to be prepared to service a growing international call center market from Mumbai. The plan was to scale up in phases from 250 seats. The customer wanted to expand its capabilities of handling just inbound calls to a blended state in the future. Also, there was a requirement for a geographically separate mirror site, which would double up as the Disaster Recovery (DR) center.

Summarizing the requirements:

  • Design and deploy an end to end IP contact center
  • Building the Availability / Redundancy as equivalent of a TDM based call center, in all layers of the solution
  • To plan and build fully redundant core call center applications at the Mumbai facility initially and replicate the redundant portion at an entirely new facility in Chennai at a later stage for DR purpose

The Solution: After detailed technology evaluations, it became clear that the level of performance / feature sets and redundancy required could only be delivered by an IP infrastructure.

L A Technologies helped integrate and deploy the complete solution based on unified communication, utilizing a common set of business rules and reporting functions across channels and locations. The entire IP contact center infrastructure was built on Contaque platforms comprising of QoS enabled LAN, WAN, IP Telephony and IP Call Center applications. The core infrastructure deployed today is fully functional with Inbound and Outbound voice functionality, and is designed to be easily scalable to support Email and Web as and when required.

L A Technologies assisted the customer in the following areas:

  • Detailed Integration and deployment plan for the complete solution
  • Installation and configuration of voice equipment
  • Installation of LAN infrastructure, DSP resources, configuration of VLAN switches
  • Configuration of QoS parameters on all core and access switches
  • Setup of appropriate components to ensure end to end connectivity of the Complete Contact Center solution. Installation of the related software applications, Agent / Supervisor CTI desktop related software application is an extensive activity and demands significant understanding of specific customer requirements besides platform training. End to End testing and User Acceptance Plan activities that were all completed in record time ensured that the customer went live on operations as planned.

The Benefits: Today, our customer has one of India 's most progressive, extensible, flexible, fully redundant open standards based IP infrastructure for a contact center, the contact center runs a 250 seat operation with dimensioning in place for a full 1000 seats.

The key benefits enjoyed by the customer include:

  • Faster deployment
  • Highly Available Call center Network
  • Call center application platform which provides a singular point for building the business rules for skills based routing, reporting, management, and integration to CRM and other call center applications, independent of the medium
  • Support any new applications that are deployed in single-site or multi-site contact centers
  • Increased business flexibility, intelligent call routing, automatic call distribution functionality, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration, interactive voice response integration, call queuing, and consolidated reporting.

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