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Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup

Local Area Network (Cabling) Setup

Setting up of a large international call center in Bangalore

Cost-effective scaling up of existing infrastructure for a large US group

Local Area Network (LAN) Audit services for a Large Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) unit

Case Studies

Local Area Network (Cabling) Setup

Leading IT company in Mumbai chooses L A Technologies for setting up a Local Area Network (LAN).

Customer Context: Our customer is a leading provider of telecommunications software solutions and services to companies around the world. They are headquartered in Mumbai, India, with offices across the world and employ over 1000 people worldwide. They are a quality -conscious company and their solutions are backed by ISO 90001:2000 quality certification.

The Requirement: The customer wanted to setup a more than 9000 sq Meter facility with necessary Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure to accommodate its growing employee base. The following were their requirements:

  • High Availability
  • Physically separate Data and Voice/ Facilities Management Networks
  • Ease of Management and Trouble-Shooting of Network Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Plan

The Solution: L A Technologies’ methodology was to first understand the existing Network setup which included the following components:

  • Network Topology and Architecture
  • Broad Application overview, performance and criticality
  • Understand the Geographical Distribution of Resources and Employees
  • Understand the Information Flow
As per our Assessment we found that company had separate sites (each with standards based Structured Cabling Infrastructure) connected by 2 MBps Wide Area Links. Operating Systems used were that of Windows, and applications used were basically developed in-house.

System Study = Data Analysis

  • Design Documentation

L A Technologies’ scope of work encompassed these areas:

  • Network Topology and Architecture for the company's new Set-up
  • Guidelines for Structured Cabling Infrastructure
  • Guidelines for Active Switching Equipment Selection
  • Cable Routing and Raceway Layouts
  • Rack Elevation and Layout Diagrams
  • Environmental Specifications for Distribution Frame Rooms and Server Rooms
  • Physical and Data Link Layer Technology Selection
  • Bills of Materials for Active and Passive
  • Numbering and Labeling Scheme
  • Installation and Certification Guidelines

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