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Case Studies
Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup

Local Area Network (Cabling) Setup

Setting up of a large international call center in Bangalore

Cost-effective scaling up of existing infrastructure for a large US group

Local Area Network (LAN) Audit services for a Large Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) unit

Case Studies

Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup

Setting up a scalable and reliable Wide Area Network for a large bank in India

Customer Context: Our customer is a bank with over 10,000 employees and a unique distinction of 97 years of successful Banking.

The Requirement: The bank has a spread of over 800 branches all over the country. In order to extend its reach and operability as well as to introduce new banking services quickly, the bank has more than 800 branches with a Wide Area Network.

The bank wanted an architecture that could be built over phases to support its existing distributed banking, besides catering to its needs for central banking application for the future.

The Solution: L A Technologies adopted a phased strategy for this requirement of 10 Branches in Mumbai.

System Study

  • Business Requirement Study
  • Technical Study

Design and Documentation

Application Profiling

  • Architecture and Topology Design with Technology and Media selection
  • Routing Architecture Design and Routing Protocol Selection

Internet Protocol (IP) addressing Scheme

  • NMS Architecture
  • Performance and Feature Requirement with Equipment Sizing and selection criteria definition

The Benefits: The WAN design helped the Bank in significantly achieving its requirement of introducing new banking services. Besides this, L A Technologies also helped the bank in achieving the following benefits:

  • A robust WAN design - Highly scalable, reliable, available and manageable
  • Return on Investment(ROI) - Risk Free Multi Service Integration
  • Low cost of ownership- Price/ Performance Analysis, Options, Considerations and Comparisons
  • Investment Protection- Suitable Technology and Product Recommendations
  • Budget Planning and Investment Planning
  • Access to proven methodology, approach and knowledgebase

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