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About LA-Technologies
Areas of Focus

Our Business Principles

Solution Delivery - BTS Model

About LA-Technologies

Areas of Focus
We focus where we have proven strengths, strong skill sets, market differentiators, and innovative solutions - four areas where we can create maximum impact for our clients:

Helping our clients secure their operations - people, places, assets and data to create more reliability and less risk

Data Center Transformation and Outsourcing:
Increasing the efficiency and utilization of their data centers

End User Outsourcing and Support Services:
enhancing support to their end users and constituents through their devices and desktops

Application Modernization and Outsourcing:
modernizing their mission-critical business applications

Our Business Principles
Working with our clients, listening as well as discussion, delivering a solution that is specific to their challenge

Service Delivery:
The unblinking focus on delivering on what we say we will do - a true commitment to delighting our customers

The breakthrough thinking that leaps at technological and economic opportunities precisely when the time is right

We work hard to win our clients trust, by meeting deadlines and maintaining service quality

Solution Delivery - BTS Model (Build-Support-Transfer Model)
We have always been proactive about managing challenges while tackling the most difficult tasks our clients have and this is what inspires us - solving problems for our clients, delivering effective solutions that enhance our customers businesses.

We approach each project in a way that has become synonymous with LA-Technologies - Build-Transfer-Support model:-

We work on understanding the Customer requirements by having discussions at multiple levels, work on developing a Prototype for Proof of Concept (POC), execute a Gap Analysis to bridge the gaps between the desired and current requirements of the clients. Finally we devise a solution that completely meets the Customers requirements.

Provide a Support / Maintenance System that helps retain the efficiency of the system.

Hand-over the final solution to the client post completion of work, while continuing to provide maintenance support.

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