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Contact center Solution

Our contact centre solution is an automated telephone system that is outbound/inbound. It can dial calls from a list of uploaded telephone numbers in the same order. It will also screen unnecessary calls like busy signals, answering machines, no answer, and numbers that get disconnected.

Outbound Call Center Suite

The Outbound Call Center Suite is a tool that isn’t rigid and allows easy management for contact centers. You get maximum customer contacts in a minimal amount of time because of the algorithms, while targeting precise campaign service and sales objectives. Outbound callcenter suit is effectively used for outbound calling process like collection, telemarketing, survey etc. to make agents accelerate the productivity.

Inbound CallCenter Suit

The Inbound Call Center Suit- There is Automatic Control on the distribution of your inbound calls to agents who are available and processing time is reduced for superior customer satisfaction and faster response time. Personalized routing scripts that can be changed at any time are provided.

Our contact centre solution Dialer solution that is software based and helps companies to reduce expenses on telephony boards and other associated hardware, which have high maintenance costs. Our contact centre solution is very easy to use, and therefore it is used more in following areas like payment collection, telemarketing, surveys, service follow-ups, and for confirming appointments.

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