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Structured Cabling

 L A Technologies meets complex business requirements by providing industry compliant designs, implementation and support for network infrastructure, telephony, and communications cabling. We specialize in structured cable plant installation, support and engineering, and our trained personnel help you make your infrastructure meet all the needs of your business.

We engineer and install industry standard Information Transport Systems to provide you with solid low-voltage infrastructure for voice, data, video, CCTV, access control, and building automation systems.

We are experienced with large-scale projects for companies using diverse computer and voice technologies. Our employees have years of experience in designing, implementing, and project managing projects that are large in scale and complex in scope. We provide installations that adhere to all applicable standards, including the installation methodologies defined by BICSI who is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals.

Additionally, all personnel receive mandatory continuing education through training, classes and seminars, in order to keep pace with our rapidly changing environment. Certifications from major manufacturers enable L A Technologies to provide cable plant installations warranted for up to 20 years.

Our belief is that once you are a client, it’s our goal to support and grow with you.


  • Conventional, Blown and Floated Fibre Solution Design and Installation

  • Carrier Class Fibre Solution Design and Installation

  • Civil Work and Trenching Solutions

  • High Density Data Centre Fibre Solution Design and Installation

  • Copper Solution Design and Installation

  • Rack and Cabinet Solution Design & Installation

  • Pathway Solution Design and Installation

  • Raised Floor Space Planning and Layout

  • Rack & Cabinet Space Planning and Layout

  • Professional Project Management from inception to completion

  • Professional Documentation Services, Visio & CAD Drawings


Technology Infrastructure

Network / System Integration

Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN)

  1. Router
  2. Switch
  3. Firewall
  4. Disaster Recovery
  5. Data Center
  6. Mailing & Messaging
  7. Passive
  8. Monitoring
  9. Video Conference
  10. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) & IP Telephony

Power & Cooling

  1. 1KVA to 10 KVA UPS with battery backup
  2. 10KVA to 20 KVA Online UPS battery backup
  3. Intelligent UPS Symmetra-Hot Swappable
  4. Power Generator – DG Set
  5. Cooling Solution for data centre with precision AC
  6. Modular Cooling with cooling rack between 2 server / network Rack.


  1. Mail Archiving
  2. Data Backup
  3. NAS Box with SAS HDD
  4. NAS Box with online data Backup software
  5. SAN
  6. Virtual SAN
  7. SAN Storage over LAN Application
  8. San Storage over WAN Application


  1. Access Point with Basic Security
  2. Access Point with Complete & Hardend Security inbuilt IDS / IPS
  3. Light Weight Access Point with Central Controller (Dumb Access Point)
  4. Intelligent Access point Mesh Architeture

Radio Frequency

  1. Point to Point Radio Frequency (LOS)
  2. Point to Point Radio Frequency (near XOS)
  3. Point to MultiPoint
  4. Mesh Architecture with Base Station & Access Point
  5. Mesh Architecture with Security & Centralised Control
  6. Unlicensed & Licensed Band Radio frequency
  7. Multi Hop Radio Frequency.

Server and Compute

1-Application Server

                 – Exchange / Mail

                 – SAP / ERP

                 – Tally

                 – CRM

2-Database Server

                 – Oracle

                 – SQL


4-Hyper converged infrastructure
5-Storage Server
6-File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server
7-Backup Server
8-Proxy Server
9-Authentication / Radius / TACCAC Server
7-Anti Virus Server
8-Domain server
9-HRM Server
10-Web Portal / Intranet
11-Development / Productivity / Testing Server

About Us

The 18-year history of L A Technologies Pvt.Ltd is one that speaks of the evolution of a company by a visionary, Mr. Lawrence Albert, and of its employees, who have helped businesses and governments apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success.


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