Why L.A

Why L.A.?

L.A. stands Layered Architects, associating oneself with Products and functionality of all the 7 layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)L.A. has implemented and over the years years practised expertise on products and services from Layer 1 to Layer 7 of the OSI. Be it’s Passive Cabling in an Infrastructure project or Application Layer Service in a Data Center Setup, we have executed all projects with a very controlled approach. This is a key differentiator for L.A. from other various Network Integrators in India.

The 7 Layers of the OSI Model
The OSI or Open System Interconnection, model defines a networking framework for implementing protocols in seven layers. Control is passed from one layer to the next, starting at the application layer in one station, proceeding to the bottom layer, over the channel to the next station and back up the hierarchy.

L . A Technologies OSI Model


APM , App Load Balancer , MAM , Mailing ,DNS ,HTTPS


 Traffic Mgmt / N/W Visibility,Micro segmentation ,WAF ,DAM,DDOS,NGFW ,ATP,NPM,DLP,GRC 


PIM , Load Balancer , WAF ,DAM,MDM ,NGFW , Proxy ,WPA


SDWAN ,Link Load Balancer , WAF , DAM , FAM ,End point Protection , EDR ,MDM , NGFW, WAN opp , Proxy DLP, SIEM , VC


SDWAN ,HCI ,SAN , virtualisation ,NPM , LLB , WAF , DAM, EPP , DDOS , ATP , SIEM , WAN Opp , Proxy , DLP , Router , switch , firewall , wifi


NGFW , Switch , Mobility AMP for SIM (SD-WAN )


Passive , Fibre , RF , Datacenter , UPS

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About Us

The 18-year history of L A Technologies Pvt.Ltd is one that speaks of the evolution of a company by a visionary, Mr. Lawrence Albert, and of its employees, who have helped businesses and governments apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success.


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