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Discover security vulnerabilities before attackers do. Understand and prioritise remediation by finding out how your apps, systems and people respond to real world attack scenarios. Wherever your data assets are, they need constant protection from an ever-changing threat landscape.

Major benefits of performing penetration tests:

  • Identify and Prioritize Risks – Performing regular penetration tests allows your organization to evaluate web application, internal, and external network security.
  • Prevent Hackers from Infiltrating Systems – Penetration tests are much like practicing for a real- life hack by a real-life hacker. Performing regular penetration tests allows you to be proactive in your real-world approach of evaluating your IT infrastructure security.
  • Avoid Costly Data Breaches and Loss of Business Operability – Recovering from the aftermath of a data breach is no doubt expensive.
  • Comply with Industry Standards and Regulations – Penetration tests help address the compliance and security obligations that are mandated by industry standards and regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and ISO 27001.

Specialized Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

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