Managed SIEM Platform

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Managed SIEM Platform

Cybercriminals are constantly scheming new ways to penetrate networks, stealing important data and causing significant damage to your business and your customers’ businesses. One of the most important cyber security tools is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. SIEM systems collect and analyze security logs from designated servers, applications and network devices to get an overall picture of the security state of the network.

SIEM as a Service removes the overhead associated with deployment, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the system. The primary benefits of SIEM as a Service for MSPs include significant cost savings, centralized reporting and compliance support plus a platform that is tightly aligned with Flexis NOC and SOC services should those services be required. Highlights of Flexis SIEM as a Service include:

SIEM Administration

  • Complete SIEM administration for you including: software updates, knowledge packs
  • System health check and storage management
  • Log Retention and Retrieval
  • Data & System Backups
  • Configuration Change Management
  • Integrated 3rd Party Threat Feeds
  • Hundreds of Pre-Built Compliance and Standards-Based Reports such as PCI, HIPAA


  • Device Discovery and Log Source Onboarding
  • Apply applicable rules and create customized alarms
  • Customized Rules creation for Your Organization
  • Alerts and Notification set up
  • Dashboards and Visualization for your organization

Operational Tuning

  • Ongoing Rule Tuning
  • Reduce False Positives and Unnecessary alarms
  • Custom Report Creation and Scheduling
  • Audit / Compliance Reporting Support

Flexis has deep expertise providing SIEM-as-a-Service to MSPs. We have security experts ready to help you through the process of setting up your security platform so that you can deliver a compelling SOC service for your customers. For more information on the Flexis SIEM as a Service, please contact us.

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