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Data Centre Solutions

At L A Technologies we pride ourselves on our ability to install, supply and commission new facilities to the highest specification without compromising the quality of build. So whether it is a small computer room housing just a handful of racks in an existing building or a standalone high performance computing facility you will be guaranteed the same unparalleled level of service.


Collectively our team has over 50 years of working in the data centre industry. That blend of experience coupled with an understanding of how best to incorporate current best practice is a powerful combination. Our team of project managers, certified infrastructure engineers, RCDDs, certified data centre design professionals (CDCDP), networking consultants, and cabling experts work together to offer the full suite of Data Centre solutions.

Data Centre Design & Implementation

We understand data centres…

The first stage in any successful design and build project is to get a clear understanding of the business requirements and the role the data centre has to play in achieving those aims. Our team of experienced consultants will play an active part in these discussions with you and all other stakeholders.

L A Technologies will provide you with a full turn-key solution managing the permissions required, the design and construction of the building and civil engineering elements, mechanical and electrical engineering works as well as fitting out data centre ready for racking of IT equipment.


Legacy Data Centre Optimization

With unparalleled growth in data processing combined with increasing power and cooling demands of new technologies, many legacy facilities are struggling to provide businesses with the necessary resilience and business continuity.

Faced with the cost of a new build data centre, many organisations are now approaching L A Technologies to explore options to extend the life of their existing facility.

Is this a realistic proposition? Well in our experience most certainly! There is a range of measures that can be employed quickly and easily to deliver immediate benefits to reduce your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and save you money.

The starting point has to be a better understanding of your current operations.

A design is an excellent way to focus your thoughts. It will highlight your data centre’s efficiency, drivers and metrics, cooling efficiency and optimisation, power delivery, phase balancing and loadings.

Whilst providing you with actions and recommendations to meet energy efficiency targets, resilience levels it will lay a foundation for sustained efficiency improvements.

Modular & Containerized Data Centre Solutions

Innovation lies at the heart of our offering and is perhaps best exemplified by Containerized Solutions which is a true alternative to a ‘bricks and mortar’ permanent data centre.

 Helping businesses prepare for inevitable change

Fluctuations in the economy, organizational growth, new applications, cloud computing and big data are amongst the factors that impact your business. The modular data centre helps you adapt and grow as your business changes with a scalable, economical and reconfigurable data centre.

You need the flexibility to respond. Modular data centres let you:

Delivered with up to 30 percent less initial cost than traditional construction, our modular data centre is also completed in half the time, since the site construction can occur in parallel with module manufacturing. A modular data centre solution allow you to build for today, yet prepare for inevitable change, making the most of your data centre investment.


About Us

The 18-year history of L A Technologies Pvt.Ltd is one that speaks of the evolution of a company by a visionary, Mr. Lawrence Albert, and of its employees, who have helped businesses and governments apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success.


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